High Performance
Waterproofing Application

It comes with 10 Years, 15 Years & 20 Years Warranty

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Long Lasting
Corrosion Control

Can Perform Under Sea Water & Against Structural Corrosion

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Limitless Application in
Chemical Storage Tank

Compatible with more than 200+ inorganic Chemical

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Elephant Shield

Liquid Rubber®

Elephant Shield - Liquid Rubber is India's most unique, easiest and durable Waterproofing, Corrosion Control & Chemical Protection system - a breakthrough technology from CANADA, allow freedom to think beyond limit of architecture design and industrial processes in true sense.

Elephant Shield - Liquid Rubber is a Multi-use, Multi-Surface, Multi-Area, Multi-Application solution offers incomparable advantages above all other existing products



Adhesion toAny Surface

20years+ UV Stable




Uneffected byStanding Water

SaveTime & Money


Cold Applied

No Blending Required

No Fire-torch Required

Compatible with 200+ Inorganic Chemicals & Salt Fog Corrosion Passed


Direct Application on Any Surface,
No Primer Required

"Including Concrete, All Metal , FRP/Cement/G.I. Sheet, China Mozek Wood, Styrofoam,
Tiles, Stone, Acrylic, AAP Membrane and Many More"

Unique Product with
Unique Characteristics

  • Performing all over the world since 2001
  • Water-based, Cold-applied, Non-toxic
  • VOC-free, Odourless, Eco-friendly
  • Stretch-ability of over 1000% with 95% Recovery
  • 20 years + UV Stable, Will Not Deteriorate with Weather Cycle
  • Compatible with 200+ Inorganic Chemicals, Widely use for chemical storage in industries
  • 1000 Hr Salt Fog Corrosion Passed, Can perform under sea water also.
  • Abrasion Resistant, Highly Impact Resistant
  • High Puncture Resistant and Self-healing If Punctured
  • Comfortable With Residence Water
  • Single Component Liquid Coating
  • Cold Applied by Brush, Squeegee or Spray Equipment
  • Curing in Ambient Condition
  • Forms Seamless Rubberized Membrane When Cured
  • Applied Indoors and Outdoors
  • No Special Protective Equipment Required
  • Does Not Require Any Kind of Pre or Post Preparation of Surface

Self – Applied
(No training required)

Elephant Shield Liquid Rubber (ESLR) is India’s easiest and fastest protection system in terms of application. It is highly user friendly. Here are the three easy steps.


    It is very important that your roof/surface is dry, free of all dust, dirt, debris, oil, solvents and other material that may adversely affect Liquid Rubber Adhesion.


    Make sure you do have brush/roller, Liquid Rubber and nonwoven/cotton cloth strips gathered at one place, so that you don’t have to find them while applying Liquid Rubber.


    Use the 3 course method with Liquid Rubber.

    • First coat of Liquid Rubber
    • For the larger gaps, cracks or porous surface apply reinforcing fabrics - Reinforcing Fabrics – UV Treated nonwoven
      (supplied by us)
    • Second coat of Liquid Rubber And it’s DONE!
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One Product Limitless Appications of Liquid Rubber




  • Waterproofing of Roof or Terrace (Metal, Wood, RCC, Asbestos/Cement/G.I. Sheet, Stone Almost any material)
  • Anti - Corrosion Protection of Roof or Terrace
  • Waterproofing of Roof top Gardening
  • Gutter Joints and Repair
  • Roof Joint or R.C.C Terrace Slabs Joint
  • Anti - corrosion Treatment of Metal Structure and underground utility overlap
  • Water Proofing of Basement, Bathroom and Water Features
  • Waterproofing of Foundation, Underground Structure and Retaining Walls
  • Joint between structure and Inter-floor Waterproofing
  • Conventional Waterproofing of Roof/Terrace (Metal, Wood, RCC, Asbestos/Cement/G.I. Sheet, Stone Almost any material)
  • Anti - Corrosion Protection of Roof or Terrace
  • Waterproofing of Roof top Gardening
  • Gutter Repair
  • Roof Joint or R.C.C Terrace Slabs Joint
  • RCC/Metal Tank and earthen containment systems
  • Inter-floor Waterproofing, Waterproofing of Decks and balcony
  • Waterproofing of Foundation, Underground Structure and Retaining Walls
  • Below and above ground piping and ventilation structures and Interior/Exterior Structural/R.C.C./Brick walls
  • Wall or Roof Ventilation and Crack joint

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Packging :

4 Convenient Choices

Elephant Shield Liquid Rubber is available in 1 Ltr., 5 Ltr., 20 Ltr. and 205 Ltr. containers. You can choose the one depending on your requirement.

Specialized Spray Application for Large Site

Specialized Spray Application Services available with performance guarantee for large industrial and commercial sites across India and surrounding countries.
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Customer Reviews

I used this liquid rubber to stop leakage for a water pond. Pond was with smooth plaster surface & had hair line cracks , was not able to know the leakage points. This product stopped the leakage. It actually works like a rubber sheet.
Mr. Amit

I have some seepage issue in my house. I tried various vendors who did water proofing teatment. The seepage always came back. I recently used this product and it is working well so far. As the monsoons are going to start soon, hope the rubber coat continues to work.
Mr. Mridul Deka

Excellent product and works just fine. It stopped all seepage immediately and even after heavy incessant rain no more seepage happens on my wall anymore. Only wish I have is if this product comes in white color as well.
Mr. Prateek

Looking for this type of paint for my son's startup of aquoponic to develop plants in water tubs , we got one ltr for sample coat which given beautiful results, little expensive but fantastic.
Mr. Madhusudhan Teki

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